Thursday, January 1, 2015

While Eating Good Luck Food

I made a new ricebag (actually a popping corn bag from a popcorn company in Pierre, SD) notebook for this new year.  The paper is all handmade-- student paper from when I used to teach papermaking every fall semester.  You'll notice on some of the pages the names of the makers as well as the contents of the paper.  This first page has onion skins added to a base of abaca.   The drawing is of E and B's chickens, made as I watched them scratching and picking in their run this afternoon.  Love these chickens!  Wish I had somebody willing to keep predators away so that we could have our own couple of laying hens;  but with approximately 20 ground hogs, a roaming pack of coyotes, the occasional bear, and Jesse around, things don't auger well for chickens at our place.
E and B's dogs are extremely polite.  But when E lured them into an adjacent room to eat their doggie ice cream while the party guest were eating dinner, the dogs daintily picked up their little cups with their teeth and carried them back into the livingroom to eat with everybody else.
At the top left is a group of interesting things on a table top in the livingroom.  The bird is a large hawk that we saw as we were walking down the street after the party.  It was dark brown on top, lighter brown underneath, and with a white tail.  Enormous yellow feet and a serious looking curved beak.

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