Friday, January 30, 2015

Seedy Little Books Part 3: Teaser

Tonight I'm drawing the penultimate Seedy Little Books drawings-- only one more to go.  These things take so long to paint that they use up all my drawing time for the day.  But the publisher of the catalog they're headed for has asked me to not post these anymore until after they're published in the catalog, a completely reasonable and understandable request.  So tonight all I'm showing is a little teaser of numbers 5 and 6.  You can see the whole drawings in the ILDE Book Festival catalog, which will come out in April.  This catalog is always a spectacularly beautiful publication and well worth the effort of tracking it down.  If you're in Barcelona you can easily buy your copy on St. Jordi's Day at the Placa San Just as the festival.  If you're not in Barcelona or nearby, you can order yours from ILDE or by email from after April 23. You will treasure this and the older catalogs, some of which are still available.

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