A New Correction

Catherine Lucas from the UK has sent me a correction request for an error that managed to get through not one but two editions of this book.  On page 131 in both Real Life Journals and Journal Your Way you'll find directions for a longstitch cover.  The directions that follow on pages 132 are fine, but the photograph on page 131 is incorrect.  A careful eye will note that there is a strap across the spine at both top and bottom in the photographed Birra Moretti journal.  The directions on the next page, however, are for a spine that is left open at top and bottom.  Below is the photograph that should have been used to illustrate this set of directions.  (You can see the blue-gray of the signature papers at the top and bottom and in the two open spaces between the three straps.)

If you want a book that has a strap at top and bottom (as well as at all the sewing stations in between) as shown in the photograph,  you could follow directions for a butter box book (see tutorial 1 on this blog), adapting it to fit the size of your material.

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  1. Actually, we were two to make the discovery that something was off... Sue Roddis was with me and thanks to her I could still finish the book. I am now going to give it another try with my Lakeland butter box... Grin. Thanks for the correction Gwen.