Monday, January 5, 2015

Abstracting Form

 Yesterday morning I sat down to do some line illustrations for a new web page, and I didn't get up for three straight hours. 
 These are really simple line illustrations meant to inform.  The hard thing is drawing the salient lines since lines don't actually exist in the real world.
Today I carved five little rubber eraser blocks from drawings I made last week of some of the frozen Charlottes.  Still not sure where if anywhere these are going, but I like what happens when the drawings are translated into a more abstract medium.  In a way these are related to the line illustrations because carving the prints is a matter of finding the salient-if-non-existent lines and shapes to communicate forms.  (I will probably redo these a few times until they feel right.  I like the little one on the left and the second from the right best right now.  What IS it about these little ruins?)

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