Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Dry-stacked chimney and a Couple of Seed-like Books

M and I tromped up and down steep and beautiful trails in Black Mountain this morning.  Our MMWalks told us we had gone two miles, but surely the ups and downs counted for at least double that!  Here is the profile of a ruin of a chimney that looks like it was either dry-stacked or stacked with clay.  Today it looks like it could fall down if a squirrel ran across it; covered with little moss gardens and with lacy spaces between the rocks, it has outlasted the cabin that used to be attached to it.
And tonight I started a series of seven drawings of tiny seed-like books that I've collected and will use to illustrate an article I'm working on.  Mary, is the one on the right familiar??  (I've taken these two drawings down for now at the publisher's request.  I'll put them back up after they're published on APril 23.  See January 30 blog post for information about getting your own copy of the catalog.)

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