Saturday, January 3, 2015

Old Tulips, New Boots

The tulips fold themselves in half when the heads get too heavy for the stems to hold up.  They haven't lost any petals or shriveled up;  just this folding like a heavy sigh.  Meanwhile the slow-to-emerge amaryllis is racing ahead and even has a new little shoot from one of the far edges of the bulb.
I rescue the droopy blooms and stand them in little bud vases, where they still smell sweet while being cut flowers.  This afternoon P and I drove downtown to do many errands including stopping at the Y to work out.  When we passed the cow field at the end of the road there was a low-lying cloud stretched in front of the mountains like a canopy over the wet cows.  One of our errands was to Tops to buy new boots for me, an xmas gift from P.  We ran into D and H at Tops, and H had just spotted the same boots.  They are yummy!

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