Sunday, January 18, 2015


These charlottes are playing kick the can in their neighborhood after dark on a summer night.    Does anyone remember the fun of running around and hiding under bushes and in cellar doorways and behind parked cars and even under the crawlspace of neighbors' houses while It loudly counted to 100?  Does anybody remember when kids just played and didn't have play dates? 


  1. I do. We lived on a "circle", as we kids called it. In the evenings, after supper, it was time for hide-n-seek. There were probably 10 families, so players numbered 10-20 kids. It was great fun, but be home before the streetlights were on! If Daddy had to whistle us in, no games the next night.

    1. Thanks Suzanne! Any other games? I vaguely remember something called a Wide game that we played at camp. I thought it was the best! It was sort of a treasure hunt, but I'm not even sure of the name.

  2. Red rover Whiffle Ball croquet and a game called Statues. You were spun around til u were dizzy and the bad to hold the pose you ended up with or you were out

  3. ah, play. i sent my kids out (could hardly keep them in, in fact) to play. and play they did. i particularly remember them playing ninjas after seeing the movie, we had no tv...and the stuff they did in the barn, making mazes with hay bales...sigh. i grew up with a cohort of kids in a village, more kids less adventure. my son once saw a bear in our woods.