Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Lugubrious Watch Donkey

The sheep have a watch donkey to protect them from coyotes and other predators.  Her name starts with an S but I'm not sure what it is-- something like Saladin.  Today J and I went out to the sheep field by the old white barn at sunset.  He was trying to catch a sunset but things weren't working out.  We ended up in the drive leading up to the white barn, and while J tried to frame a shot of the sunset with the barn in the foreground I drew S the guard donkey, who was standing mournfully near the fence while the sheep gathered around the feeding thing.
Every now and then S would let out a shriek and then sink back into lugubriousness.  This donkey has sad eyes and a sweet but Eeyorish manner.

We gave up as it got dark.  Then after dinner we went out in the complete dark to the high meadow behind our house.  There J got some good night sky shots, one of which you can see here along with one of the white barn and sunset and S.  J is very excited tonight as he just found out he's going to be in Switzerland for his junior year of high school! 

We researched Switzerland for a while;  then I drew another charlotte, this time in the hyacinth and daffodil pot that arrived last week.

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