Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Strangely Delicate Cow Mouths

On the left is beautiful L in her beautiful scarf at a meeting tonight.
And L, looking nothing like he really looks, but in a really nice hat.  I kept trying to draw him but he got up to leave, and most of the drawing was done while he was moving around and I was trying to not obviously stare so I kept looking down and trying to draw from memory, not my forte.

On the right are some sketches of corn leavings that I found while walking next to a former corn field that the cows had been browsing in a few weeks ago.  After the corn is cut down and only stubble is left, the cows are turned loose to forage for whatever they can find to eat.  There was very little left in the field except for some still-intact ears.  The corn kernels were completely stripped away, but the papery husks were still attached to the stems surrounding the cobs.  I cannot imagine a cow, with her great rubbery lips and teeth like piano keys, managing to eat the corn without completely destroying cob, husk, stem.  And yet scattered all around the field (which now has sprouts of some cover crop coming up) were these intact ears of kernel-less corn. 
I can't even imagine how the corn cobs survived being stepped on over and over again by those enormous hooves let alone being chewed on.  On the right, slow progress in the amaryllis pot.

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