Saturday, January 31, 2015

Final Seedy Little Book Teaser Plus Sketchcrawl

 Here's the seventh tiny seedy book.  All done with those now, but still have to write the essay.  Tomorrow I will spread out all the drawings and see what shows up.
Meanwhile this afternoon we drove down to Brevard to meet up with a group of friends who were doing a sketch crawl at a roadside antiques store.  Many wonderful things, of which I drew a few.  On the left, on a table top loaded with rusty tools and parts of other rusty things I found these great hammer heads, curved blade knife, lone rusty wheel, and square pointy things.  In a little side room that seemed to be devoted to objects of some kind of devotion, this homemade ceramic cross with two embedded ceramic hearts and a line of tiny beads.  It was impressed with little circular designs, and from the bottom hung a couple of beads.  And then, at the bottom, my favorite of all the objects, a shiny white ceramic skeleton salt and pepper set complete with a sticker that read Ocean City MD.
Afterwards talking with members of the group at a nearby cafe I drew S's watercolor set that she made out of a tea tin and essential oil screw tops and a water bottle screw cap.  The tin has one of those interesting lids that you press to lock and squeeze to open!  The screw tops all fit in perfectly and need no glue to hold them in place.  I have one of those tins, and I want to make one of those sets, only I don't have any  essential oil except for one or two dust-encrusted bottles of lavender oil that I think date back to our health food coop in New Orleans in the early 70s--

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