Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Decorated Page to be Back in Print SOON!

Those of you who have been trying without success over the past year or so to find copies of The Decorated Page will be happy to learn that Lark has brought out a new edition of this book in combination with a new edition of The Decorated Journal plus what they call "bonus content."  The new edition, which should be out in April 2012, is going to print this week!  It's a hefty volume, over 250 pages, and it contains all images from the two original books as well as all of the original material (minus a few sections that were more or less repeated in Dec. Journal-- materials and writing prompts-- and were combined for the new book).  It also has thirteen profiles written by journal keepers in which they show images and tell about their own processes.  There are also a few pages of completely new material, including binding instructions for a journal made out of a butter box.
Above is a view of both the back cover and front cover as well as the spine of the new book.  I believe it's a paperback and reasonably priced.  But if you already own Dec. Page AND Dec. Journal, be aware that this book is basically a new edition and reflow of those two books and not something radically different.  The new material is good, but you have to decide if it's worth the price of the whole book!  Oh, and the title is The Complete Decorated Journal.  I can't seem to shake the word "decorated," even though it's not at all what these three books are about!  Marketing does seem to rule when it comes to titles. 

                                                                 A Decorated Journal