Monday, January 26, 2015

Shitake Rice Bowl Recipe for Cold Nights

 I always order the shitake rice bowl when we eat at King Daddy's in West Asheville, and last time we ate there I paid close attention to the ingredients so that I could make it at home.  My version of it is almost there!  The real shitake rice bowl has a poached egg on top of it, and I'm going to include that next time.  That will be the perfect touch I think.
To make my first version, follow the instructions written on the pages above.  If you can't find paella rice, some other somewhat sticky rice will do, maybe short grained rice or possibly sushi rice.  Next time I will use more onions, maybe half a big yellow onion, and instead of three Roma tomatoes (not too flavorful at this time of year anyway) a handful of grape tomatoes.  The avocado garnish was my idea, but it wasn't that exciting.  The instructions get a little sketchy at the end, but just be sure to keep the kale out until after the rice has cooked;  then just toss the kale in at the end and cover the pot for ten minutes. The kale will steam enough yet still be a little crisp.  This recipe makes enough for two plus a generous portion left over for lunch tomorrow.

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