Saturday, January 10, 2015

Guastavino's Chimney and Brick/Tile Kiln

A couple of weeks ago Jacob and Sam went to see the Spanish Baroque basilica of St. Lawrence in downtown Asheville that was built by the Spanish architect and builder Rafael Guastavino.  Jacob had photographed the brick vaulting on the interior (see his blog) (for January 3), and so today he and I went out to Black Mountain to find what is left of Gustavino's estate in the United States.  We found the remains of a collapsed brick and tile kiln that Guastavino had built plus the elegant and perfectly- built chimney that was used with the kiln.
Here are some details  in addition to the chimney itself.  It was so cold we could hardly stand it, but we stayed out in the 30 degree weather drawing and photographing for about an hour.  Then with shivering bodies we drove back to Asheville and warmed up at Greenlife cafe.  Next week:  night photography in the silo field.  The moon will be dark and it should be above freezing.  I hope.

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