Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Early Morning at Beaver Lake

Jacob has been trying to take some sunrise pictures out at Beaver Lake (where we keep our canoe) for a while, and we've never managed to get the right weather, all of his equipment (including the all-important SD card), the right time, etc.  So this morning we set out before daylight in the icy dark around 7:00.  For once it all came together!  Here's J sitting out on a pier (bottom left), and on the bottom right, just before the sun came up-- the sky was pink and white with streaky clouds that reflected in the water-- perfect.  I sketched boats while wearing my fingerless gloves-- a very chilly process.
I especially liked a couple of silvery aluminum canoes that had long rows of rivets.  These were pulled up on the shore, and next to them was another aluminum canoe-like boat.  In the next couple of days Jacob should be posting some of his photos from today on his blog.  

After our outing we didn't waste any time getting to Greenlife for a warm breakfast.  When I got home, I sat in my studio and drew the tulips.
All eight of them are blooming now, and I wish I could paint the sweetness of the aroma that surrounds them!


  1. I love the tenderness of your sketches and how wonderful that you persevered and got the pictures!

    Happy New Year!