Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Wild Turkeys in Winter

Where do wild turkeys go in winter?  We rarely see the flock these days, but this morning F and I were working away, when outside her big front windows we spied a heavy landing in a high branch of an oak tree :  it was too big to be a crow, too black to be a hawk, too sleek and long-tailed to be a vulture.  Then the first bird was joined by several more, and it was clear that this was a turkey roosting.  The turkeys would rise heavily from the underbrush, one at a time, then move from branch to branch taking short flights to climb higher.  Then they settled down in the cold drizzle for what looked like chilly naps.  Many hid their heads under their wings.  Nobody moved much. I drew fast.

Then tonight I looked up wild turkeys in winter and learned that they head for the forests in winter where they can still find mast crop-- acorns and other nuts and seeds, especially around oak trees.  They roost in trees at night to get away from predators.  I think this flock had given up on scratching around for food in the rain and were taking a safe break even though it was morning.
And the big news in the tulip and amaryllis pot is that the amaryllis is shooting up around an inch a day this week, and tonight I noticed a second bloom stem coming from behind that small leaf!  The tulip leaves are still green and pretty.

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