Monday, January 19, 2015

The Wide Game Plus a Few Apples

There IS such a thing as a Wide Game!  And if you're as interested in this as I am you can Google it and find out many ways of playing it.  Among other things, I learned that  Girl Scouts play the Wide Game, and I know now that Girl Scout camp was where I played it.  It's a kind of treasure hunt hide and seek, always played out in a field after dark, usually with no flashlights.  It involves strings worn around the wrists, little pieces of paper (that's what I remember), and other tokens.  People hide and capture and free each other and collect tokens.  It is amazing fun!  Now I know that the charlottes are involved in a Wide Game;  and here are two more players.  (Also three miniature apples that are on the counter and were a lot quicker and easier to draw at 10 PM than more charlottes.)

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