Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Desiccating Zinnias

The last of the zinnias are drying up, making seeds, filling their center cones, color draining with moisture from petals and leaves, gorgeous curling complex surfaces.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Buckeyes and Chestnuts

For the longest time I have been confusing buckeyes and chestnuts, but not anymore!  Chestnuts are the ones that come in prickly outer cases;  buckeyes come in smooth, freckled cases.  This year's crop of both these nuts is pitiful and shrunken.  I found the large, glossy buckeyes on the left last year.  I found the center row of chestnuts yesterday, but I found only a few fully-formed big ones.  Most were undeveloped, like the little ones on the right.  Poor bears and squirrels this year of the dry summer.

Isn't the odd little design on the bottom of the chestnut  amazing?  It is on all of the fully-formed ones.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Post-Storm Clouds

The sun came out almost all day today for the first real time in a couple of weeks!  The sky was amazing!  It was deep blue and filled with compacted, oddly-shaped clouds as well as gigantic soft-edged cloud banks.  I've seen skies like this after the mistral (very strong wind) in France a couple of times, but never before here.  Today there were little fish-shaped clouds floating in schools, shredded clouds that looked like a bag of foam pieces had been scattered, and huge banks of dense white clouds with soft edges.  I could hardly drive for looking.  At every traffic light I whipped out my sketchbook and sketched some cloud shapes.

Also shown here are 's miraculous figs that we picked from her very own fig tree.  She planted the little tree three or so years ago, and it has done well but dies back every winter and none of its figs ever ripen.  After all the rain we've had the past few weeks, those hard little green babies plumped up and turned purplish yellowish green.  When we bit into them this afternoon at book club, we tasted the best figs ever.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Laundromat Guys

Today P and I did a massive laundry of all of our blankets, duvets, etc., and then took the whole wet load down to the laundromat at the end of our road.  The place was full of guys busily doing their own laundry, except for the baby guy who was sleeping while his mom did her own enormous laundry.
I drew P with his Kleenex, his constant companion this week, as he picked up  a cold from the kids  last week.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Friday, October 2, 2015

Baby Tomatoes, King Cake Baby, African Figure

Late at night I can't find anything that these things have in common other than the fact that these two miniature Black Cherokee tomatoes that ripened in spite of never getting as big as they should have remind me of New Orleans Creole tomatoes in taste;  the baby is from a King Cake;  the African figure is from an African booth at the Jazz Fest in 1977, the last year we lived across the street from the Fairgrounds where the festival was held and could walk there.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Poor Pitiful Chestnuts

I walked along the rain- swollen river today to look for chestnuts and other good things to draw, but found so few-- only two chestnuts in 3.5 miles of tromping.  I found the two under a pile of wet leaves,  and they were very dark blackish brown and only half the size of those from last year's stellar crop.  Poor squirrels and bears and whatever else eats nuts over the winter.  You can compare the size of this year's chestnut on the right to the nice fat one on the left by comparing them to the charlottes' heads.