Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Studio Cat, Shelter, Cairn Report

Jesse has decided to be a studio cat lately, sleeping on my drawing table on top of whatever he lands on.  Today he looked like he was reading something boring and fell asleep with the book opened--
On the left he looks weirdly human, something really wrong with his nose, mouth and chin.  On the right I was drawing him from above, trying to just draw shapes and not name them or worry about fitting them together.
At 1:00 M came over and we stepped out into the perfectly cool-but-not-cold, sunny, sweet-smelling day and started walking and didn't stop till we had covered 5 miles plus a little.  We hiked down to the river trail, then the entire trail all the way up to Daisy Hill, then back down and back across the fields to the hill below my house, then up the road that runs along the bottom of the hill and leads back into the woods, then down the trail a little bit and up through a deep green bamboo forest and out onto my street.  At the top of Daisy Hill, M spotted a little shelter, shown on the left here.  It was worn down with a few remnants of a blue and orange sleeping bag, right by the side of the road overlooking a wooded valley and mountains in the distance.

We visited the rock cairns we built last month along the river trail.  A few stones had fallen, so we replaced them.  All in all, things look good at the cairn site.  Then when we got to the end of the river trail and were meandering through the woods up above the trail, we built a new cairn by the side of the road.  We think it looks like a fox or some other animal.  The mica in the bottom rock sparkled in the sun.

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