Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wildly Windy Today

Today's wild wind was so much in contrast to the soft warm weather of yesterday.  Jesse seemed happy to be home and spent most of the day curled up in his bed sleeping while the storm raged outside.  
I took advantage of his stillness to draw a few of his twisting turning poses to use in the print series I'm working on about how he rolls around in the driveway to calm himself down and blow off steam.

Late in the afternoon (love this daylight savings time!) I was lured out into the wind tunnel that is our street.  We live on the north face of a mountain, halfway up, and the wind roars down our street, shaking and rattling all the windows in our house.  Trees were creaking and groaning on the woods trail as they rubbed against each other.  I stood huddled in the lee of an old chimney (drawing 2011) and sketched some tangled vines (2009) and also the horizon that I could see through the trees -- dark gray storm clouds rolling in from the mountains in the north.  It was a little eerie with all the tree noises and the violent waving and swaying of tall pines and hemlocks, but I walked on into the relative calm of a rhododendron tunnel.  At the end of the tunnel-like section of trail are two small ponds, and in the upper pond were two mallard ducks swimming around as though it were a sunny afternoon.  And then I saw by the banks of the pond masses of frog eggs!   There will be tadpoles soon!

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