Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pigs and Tadpoles

 This afternoon I picked up Maya from school to come spend the night.  We had a bunch of errands to do, one of which was to go to the grocery store to buy things for her lunch tomorrow.  We strolled through the aisles seeing nothing remarkable until we ended up in the bakery department.  The in-house cake decorator has fun with cake decorating.  Today's offerings included a group of cupcakes in lurid colors with creative use of Oreo cookies.  First we saw and stopped to draw a pink pink pink pig cupcake, which reminded us of the pink marzipan pig we made two springs ago for an edible book contest, and which still lives in a plastic container in my freezer.  There were also exceedingly bright sunflower cupcakes and what we decided were penguin cupcakes.  There were also a couple of elongated cupcakes shaped and sculpted to be dogs.  (The pig next to the dog is actually our marzipan pig, which we took out for a visit when we got to my house.  He gets sweaty and glistening in a few minutes out of the freezer, but otherwise looks pretty good for a two year old frozen animal.)

After admiring our pig and reshelving him in the morgue, we took off in search of tadpoles in the woods pond.  There were so many eggs, and we could see the little comma-shaped black tadpoles inside the clear bubble-like eggs.  We had brought a plastic container, and we scooped up a few clumps of eggs and tadpoles.  While we were sitting by the pond we spied an eft-like creature darting among the weeds and frog eggs.

After dinner we watched one of our all-time favorite movies-- Moonrise Kingdom.  Check it out!


  1. Mom, you will be pleased to know the tadpoles you and Maya domesticated are doing very well in my 6-gallon fishtank on my bedside table. I feed them daily and circulate the water to allow plenty of oxygen and filtration of waste. They are active and seem as happy as tadpoles can be. We have high hopes of a plethora of some kind of frog eventually arising from the lavrae.

  2. great! I know Maya is happy to have a good home for the tadpoles. What a sweet daddy you are!