Sunday, March 23, 2014

Intermittent Posts Ahead

Yesterday I spent a lot of time making a book for a publication and sketching in-progress illustrations to go along with the directions that I have to write.

These are really rough and will be re-drawn by the illustrator (not me), and they asked me for only 3-5 sketches of the most tricky parts.  Hmmmm.  I need to try the directions and illustrations out next week when Maya comes over since the book is for children 9 -12, and she is 9.  I'll give her the written directions only at first and see which steps give her trouble in order to determine which are the most important illustrations.

As far as the title of this post, I am now 1/5 of the way to 10,000, and I'll have been at it for a year in the middle of June.  I thoroughly enjoy the drawing part and have learned so much about my drawing and this practice.  One conclusion I've reached, though, is that I am bordering on the obsessive when it comes to posting (P says way over the border--) every single day/night.  It probably gets a little tedious for you followers to have a daily thing flying at you, demanding your attention every morning.  My phone/email/texting/web addiction has gotten so much worse over this past year that I think I need to dial it back.  When I think about what place my stupid phone had in my life five years ago and the monster to which it has now grown,  I begin to understand its role in my managing to still create lots of stress for myself, even though I have no real responsibilities at all and could get away with lollygagging in a hammock reading novels all day every day and no one would even notice.

So for the next three months, until the middle of June, I will be drawing every day but posting only once a week, and maybe posting only selected drawings.  I'll be in Barcelona for half of April, so that would be a time-out for posting anyway.   In June I'll look at the whole year and decide if I want to go back to daily posts or stay with weekly ones.

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