Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Another Attempt to FInd the Elusive Hut, and Motorcycle Mannequins are Back!

Driving down Tunnel Road/ Hwy 70 this afternoon I spied the motorcycle mannequins for the first time this season, and they were  wearing pants this year!  Last year they were always just dressed super casually in long tee shirts with no pants that I could see.  I like to imagine the little old man who runs the shop dressing the mannequins before he puts them outside to browse among the motorcycles in his front lot.  It's still pretty cold for these girls, but they were standing in the chilly breeze looking stoic. 
Later a friend and I made another attempt to find the hut.  This time I chose to retrace the original directions, and we did great until the wretched path ended.  I've decided that's where I go wrong.  I think the path actually goes on a bit more, but since I'm expecting it to end, I see a trail end when it's really just a dense spot in a trail that continues a bit more.  My friend thought the path kept going but by them I was fixated on Going Due East and that's what we did.  We ended up in another wrong place, but we did find some very pretty scenery and an intriguing stick that has glyph -like marks etched on it by woodworms.  It looks like a primitive language.  At one point on the non-trail we looked across a very deep gully and through the woods on the other side I spied my CAR, so I know where we were relative to the lower down trail.  We came out of the woods on an old ivy-covered road bed that dumped us right behind Tony's tadpole ponds.  At the far side of the pond sits a cast concrete bench with lovely Etruscan-looking rams supporting the bench part.

Stay tuned.  I know I'm circling closer to the hut!  And thanks for all the encouraging comments last night and today!


  1. Love that little stick! You did great with it! That one mannequin sure has big ta-tas! ;) Can't wait for a sketch of that little hut! ♥

    1. That mannequin really DOES have those ta-tas. The other, not so much. The mannequins seem to have new hair this year. Maybe they're different girls from last year. I love that little stick drawing too. Thanks! I was going out on another hut hunt tomorrow but the weather isn't supposed to be so good for off-trail stomping around. Still a possibility though!