Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Jenny's Things

My friend Jenny's house is itself an art piece.  She has made it out of an old barn, carving out tiny bedrooms in out- of- the- way places, opening out windows to let in the sky and treetops, doing tilework mosaics that make me think of tiny tile villages on the Amalfi coast.  And each room is filled with her ongoing work of making and collecting interesting objects and placing them carefully. 

Last night our book club met at Jenny's, and I drew only what I could see without leaving my chair during the meeting.  I don't even have a name for these objects, but each one was charged with meaning and significance, not to mention beauty.  If only the meeting had been longer I could have filled the rest of my book without ever leaving the chair!


  1. We absolutely are ENCHANTED whenever we visit my friend Jenny's sacred at the extraordinary level....inside and out....Best bath ever in the garden ,,,,in the winter! Love you Jenny!

  2. sounds like Jenny's place is seriously amazing! Love the sketches of the objects d'art~
    What are the little numbers next to each drawing for?
    p.s. love your books ! :)))

  3. thanks for your comments, sangoma and melody. the little numbers are to keep count as I draw 10,000 things.