Sunday, March 30, 2014

Jacob, Lambies, Another Ramble

Late morning at Over Easy, Jacob at the table waiting for our order and taking closeups of things such as reflections of objects in the tea shot through a glass of water.  Beautiful pictures!
Later at a meeting, one of the cups on the table, the bird feeder outside the window.

Driving home from the meeting I discovered that the sheep have had lambies!--  about half a dozen tiny lambs, many hunkered down in the newly-green grass, their ears blowing in the wind.  Happily the mothers' wool has grown in and they look a lot more comfortable out in the windy cold.

Salaman, the watch donkey, came up to the fence to watch me watch the sheep.  She turned away after a few minutes and I drew her departure.  A big wooly sheep and two lambs are on the other page

And of course I can't let a sunny, if cold and windy, afternoon slip by without a foray into the woods.  I've never yet found the shelter from the chimney, and the chimney is very close to my house.  Since we came down from the shelter via the slope down to the trail that the chimney is on, it seems that I should be able to get up there from the chimney, right?  Not so.  I did mark on my map the exact location where I left the trail, in between the cut log and the rhododendron slick.  Keeping the chimney to my left, I skirted the brambles by going around the chimney to my right.  Then I knew I should veer back toward the chimney as I got up the slope and out of the brambles, but when I did that I think I veered too far left because the ridge that I finally got to looked nothing like the ridge that the shelter sits on.  Plus when I turned a bit more to the left, I ran into the Charlie's Spring trail.  I was happy to meet up with the trail, curious about how I went wrong yet again.  But then again, M has never walked to the shelter from the chimney either, so we didn't retrace our path the other day.

Next plan-- walk from the overlook and along the river as M and I did the other day.  Blaze a trail after leaving the gully.  Take really good and detailed notes.  Use a compass to stay southeast, as the map says I should go to reach the chimney.  Take photographs when I get the chimney in view.  Be very attentive of the path that I hack through the brambles as I descend the slope.

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