Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Concert and a Herd of Lawn Cows

Jacob plays trombone in his high school symphonic band, and this afternoon the band went to adjudication at Brevard College, where they played before a panel of judges to get critique of their performance.  P and I drove down to watch and cheer J on.  In this drawing, J is the person in the middle, barely visible, with his mouthpiece pressed to his mouth.  They sounded strong and beautiful, we thought.

On the left, another of the trombonists. 
On the right are some wooden cow lawn sculptures that are arranged in front of a house near my friend Fran's.  They're two-dimensional and held up by sticks.  From the back you can see the sticks as they go up the entire height of the cows.  If these were my cow sculptures I would turn them so that I could see the front views from the house;  but these are all facing the street, sort of like Xmas decorations but with a bovine theme.

On the left are two more of the flat cows, and on the right is a fully-formed three-dimensional life-sized cow.  This one is a member of a small herd of four in the front yard of a house that we passed today down near Brevard.  These cows were made of resin, probably, and were smooth and glossy, painted realistically.  A little startling to pull up to the traffic light and see these large, still creatures a few feet away on a tiny lawn.

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