Thursday, March 27, 2014

Subject Matter Doesn't Really Matter When It Comes to Drawing

I didn't get home tonight until a little after nine, and I had left home this morning at a little before 8.  It was a very long day, packed with interesting things, but drawing wasn't one of them.  This was a night when I would NOT have drawn if I had not been posting!  I had no ideas about what to draw.  So I started sketching an apple I was eating, at different stages.  That felt really quite good.  And then I spied a homely raw carrot left over from lunch.  I got so involved in drawing it, trying to use the fewest possible marks to render it.  I felt like I was enobling it or something, paying so much focused attention to this little scrubby thing.  I loved paring away everything except what felt essential.


  1. Your drawings are inspirational. The little things and the memories they bring are so important yet sometimes I forget they are...

  2. thanks Theresa. that's so true about how the act of drawing brings out memories.

  3. Love it! Giving tribute to scrubby things! Now...are you going with your friend today to find the hut??? Do be careful! ;)