Friday, March 7, 2014

Drawing to See

Last night I was teaching a class about making editions of artists' books at Asheville BookWorks.  It's a small group, and we were all gathered around one large table.  The format was like a critique group in which each person presented her work from the past month and then we all helped her to question, deepen, trim excess from, clarify, and revise the work.  I seem to need to draw things in order to really understand how they work, so as people talked I sketched the books.  At this point everything is preliminary and tentative, and the discussion was detailed and full of what seemed to me to be shifts and insights.  A few people didn't have prototypes with them, so I couldn't draw them.  When I got home and was reviewing what had gone on in class and I was making some notes, I noticed how much I remembered about these four books even though I had taken no written notes.  I think the degree of attention that even casual drawing elicits makes for good recall.

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