Monday, March 17, 2014

Thinking on Paper

Tonight my journal group met to talk about our various journal practices.  People have varying kinds of practices, ranging from those that are primarily concerned with sketching to remember things to those that are exploring different ways of rendering images to those that are a kind of visual note-taking to those that are preliminary to more finished art works.  Today my drawings fell into the category of visual note-taking.  I was working out an idea for a project that will be part of a book. 

The order is a little mixed up here, but they aren't in perfect order anyway.  There's an alternate process mixed in with my first idea.  I was building the project amd stopping briefly to make notes.

These sketches will also be useful as reference when I redraw them for the illustrator to use in making final illustrations to go with the directions.

And then a final drawing made at the journal group meeting.


  1. I love your sketchooks...LOVE!! So very inspiring

    1. Thanks, Ophelia! Comments like yours help keep me churning out these things!