Saturday, March 15, 2014

This and That

Late this afternoon, after 6:30 actually-- with the sky still wonderfully bright!-- I set out to walk, and I found a few interesting things to draw.  First was one of the two mourning doves that live on our block, sitting alone for once, high on a wire, with its pointed tail and pointed beak and mountain range of a back.  Underneath the dove is an astonishing stump that is rotting away from the inside out.  It still stands in stump position, but the center is hollowed out and the walls seem to be barely balancing by leaning lightly up against each other.

Further along the trail was a dried seed pod from a tulip poplar with this year's new shoot growing to its left.  Then I spied half a bird's egg, pure white.  Something must have hatched already!

When I got home I caught Jesse in mid-roll as he was turning over in his bed.  Then I made an attempt to draw the new shoes P gave me today.  They're the perfect travel-to-Barcelona shoes I think, but the drawings don't begin to do them justice!  They're sage green leather with dull silvery circular things to which are attached ribbony straps that stretch.  The soles are sturdy for hiking, and the whole shoe weighs about an ounce.

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