Friday, March 7, 2014

Earliest Spring is Here!

 The ochre cliffs on Jones Mountain were empty of snow.  The ground was damp but okay to walk on.  The sun was getting ready to set, and a pilliated woodpecker was singing his minor key warble.  What could be better? On the left is a small section of an ochre cliff (which is really more of an ochre bank, but it looks like a miniature cliff and it has a good variety of color veins, from chalky white to deep reddish brown.)  On the right is the bottom view of an uprooted tree that lies near the path out to the ochre area.  I'm sure it's home to many creatures.

And then on the bulletin board at the trailhead was a hand-lettered note that urged us to QUESTION SOCIAL CONSTRUCTS!  I'll go for that, and also add Question Personal Constructs.  The spring onions are up and also the yellow celendine and even some hyacinth blooms are poking out.