Friday, November 27, 2015

Two-Day Catch-Up: Four Mile Walk with a Pen

M and L and I met at the trailhead to the river trail and set out to show L the wonders of this trail and all of its little meanders and sideshows.  First stop was the chicken yard, where we found a bunch of chickens roosting inside the house, and some white hens enjoying a dust bath outside.  They look like a hat on the horse, but the horse is actually an entirely separate endeavor.  This is one of the two draft horses that live down near the garden and chicken yard, but it kept moving and swaying, and I gave up and just let my eyes and pen move with the horse.

We stopped to look at fish in the river, and then we squatted down on a rocky beach and all made cairns.
We ended up at the ponds down by the old Owen plant /park where we found among the mallard ducks and the white ducks a couple of American coots with their white bills.  They were diving and dunking and in constant motion.  At around two miles we ended up at M's house, and while we were taking a short break I drew her frozen Charlotte in its plangent little homemade dress next to a teacup and saucer.  To the right is a strange plaster sculpture installed outside the stone meditation hut along the Jensen Trail on campus.  The life-sized man with his draped plaster shirt and pants is missing his face but still has his large tennis shoes.  He sits in the woods  and watches people walk by on the trail.
No farm walk is complete without a visit to the sheep.  These are so very wooly right now.  The little milk cow that shares a pasture with them in at bottom right.

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