Sunday, November 1, 2015

Dregs of the Pomegranate for All Saints

We were happy to discover how densely packed our pomegranate was when we peeled away the white papery membranes that hold the seeds with their pulp in place.  Tonight while chowing down on the remaining quarter of the thing, I experimented with drawing the seed clumps in pen with a quick wash of two reds and NO white gouache.  Down at the bottom is a wash of pomegranate juice, which stains a sort of purplish color.  The seeds themselves are five-sides, and the clusters of seeds are arranged in six-sided clusters around a central seed, more or less.  Definitely patterned.
Now that we've moved into the dark of the year with the abrupt change back to standard time, it's time to move on from pomegranates!

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