Wednesday, November 11, 2015

More Dear Shoes Plus an Odd Find or Two from the Woods

On the left, to round out the dregs of my shoe collection, are a pair of Genuine French Espadrilles, these actually purchased for E8 from a market in Gordes in the south of France a couple of years ago.  I like them for their sloppy, relaxed quality;  but they wear out quickly, as can be seen by the tattered toes.  To the right are my old faithful Danskos, comfortable, serviceable, five years old and still going strong.
 In the woods this afternoon M kindly guided me to her most recent creepy find:  this little  doll-like creature was stuffed in the hollow of a small tree.  I didn't have time to finish the drawing, and I really needed paints to do it justice.  This thing has white fluffy spider-webby hair as well as a cocoon-like bottom half.  The eyes and mouth are done in primitive embroidery on stained, knitted fabric.  It stares out at passersby.  Must revisit! 

Not far from the creature in the tree is a large incomplete primitive shelter.  I drew it from inside, where long shadows streaked across the dirt and pine-needly floor.  Three tree stumps were in a conversation arrangement.  On the right, a back view of a random woman in a restaurant tonight.  I started drawing the man with her, but just as I started, he ended the lecture he was delivering and they abruptly left.

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