Monday, November 2, 2015

Night Game Drawings

These four drawings are actually four panels from the front of the book. I'm counting these, which took almost all day, as drawings 5819, 5820, 5821, and 5822.  At the bottom is the complete joined panels that form the front of the book.


  1. I finally have to ask, after all this time, what exactly ARE charlottes and why are they called that? Did I miss something? They are slightly odd and unsettling and completely wonderful!

  2. Thanks Lynne and Stella! You can find out about the charlottes if you google 'Frozen Charlottes'. Try to find a non-eBay url, as most of the eBay ones are for collectors and don't give much info. I'll try to find a good one and refer to it the next time I mention these guys!

  3. Thanks, Gwen! Using the prefix "frozen" did the trick, and this time I entered a strange and faintly creepy world which included photos, books, tales and even a little British theatre company. I can quite see how this fits in with your drawings of mummies and sarcophagi. Looking forward to seeing the completed Charlotte book, now with greater understanding.