Sunday, November 22, 2015


I scooped these up along the greenway this afternoon  and put them in my pocket.  It was far too cold and windy to draw them on the spot.  When I got them on my drawing table I was astonished to see how intricately patterned they are and how astonishingly complex their architecture is.  From the left:  a dried Chinese lantern seed pod, two shrunken sycamore balls that seem immature and much pinker than the bigger ones, and some poke seeds in their inky dark little pods as well as two that are broken out of their pod.


  1. I love the Chinese lantern seed pod. In real life (similar to your sketch) they are very delicate and are great for dried flower arrangements. Lovely sketches. I look forward to your nature sketches. They are inspiring.

    1. I've seen these pods in bright orange that look like they've been dyed, only they were still on the plant in a weedy area in New Jersey last September. Amazing pod! I'm happy that you enjoy nature sketches because I certainly have served up a bunch of them on this blog!