Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Bandaid Jesus in His Dollar Bill Boat and Other Household Profiles

 Casting about for a theme tonight,  I noticed that I had drawn several profiles or three-quarter views of faces at book club earlier in the evening.  So after everyone left I continued and walked around our house drawing one profile from each room.  These are in no particular order.  Above on the left is Jesse, the only profile in P's study, and a willing subject for once in his life.  Next to him is a ceramic head from our bedroom, one of two parts of a sculpture called "Longing."  On the right side of the page at the top, from one of our bathrooms, is a cast metal bird who wears a poison ring on his head (and other jewelry draped and hanging from the stand underneath him).  And at the bottom right is a small plastic Jesus, who was the prize from a box of Jesus bandaids and who has lived in an origami boat made from a dollar bill that floats in a soap dish on the wall of the other bathroom.
On the left above are two three-quarter views of people at book club, then two cups from book club, and then on the right the first of this evening's profiles-- a reproduction santo that stands on a table in our living room.

 On the right above are the first two of this evening's book club faces.
And above, from left to right, are the dining room Eastern- Market- in- DC stuffed cloth folk art angel, a small voudoo doll who sits with two others in a ceramic boat in the kitchen, a reproduction Mayan ceramic man wearing a cap knitted by Ruth Irwin, a former student's orphaned ceramic face mask, and a little cloth doll that was given to us by friends when our third baby was born and looked very much like the doll-- button nose, Cheerio mouth, Mr. McGoo eyes, bald as an egg, supremely cute.

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