Tuesday, November 10, 2015

In the Doldrums of the Ten Thousand: Old Shoes

A bit past midway in drawing ten thousand things I have hit the doldrums.  What else can I possibly draw? The things in my house have been drawn and re-drawn;  is there anything left to draw?  These six old shoes seem to exemplify a stuckness and lack of inspiration that is not so much guiding as poking at me tonight.   On the left is a pair of bright orange-red ballet slippers that I found in Girona, Spain, last April.  I love the color and the style, but they're a little too narrow in the soles to be good for trail walking.  The khaki pair of Keens on the right are ones that  I bought last year to try to replace the ancient sage green perfect shoes (below).  They ended up being a bit too short in the toes, not an unusual problem with Keens.  I need to remember to always buy them two sizes up.  Other than that they're okay.
And the last two, the shabby worn out used-to-be-sage green ones with the used-to-be pink linings-- my all-time favorite shoes, which are no longer being made by Earth company.  I bought my first pair of these about eight years ago and loved them so much that I went back to Tops a year after I had bought them and bought the last pair they had, even though they were a size too large for me.  I have never regretted having two pair of these and wish I could find a third pair.  They are the perfect shoes for me for walking since I really don't like lace-up shoes or shoes that require socks;  yet they have sturdy soles that grip the ground on slopes and feel good after eight miles.  When they were new they looked good enough for wearing absolutely everywhere else, too.

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