Monday, November 16, 2015

A Smattering of Robins

Our front yard was filled with robins this morning.  An enormous flock was passing through and stopped by some invisible agreement for a feast of worms on our lawn.  The most curious thing about them, which I noticed after drawing them for a few minutes, was that almost all of them were facing east.  Even the few whose bodies were turned the other way would swivel their heads east every few seconds.  Anybody have any idea of what that's all about?  It was a sunny cool morning with a bright sun just lifting over the mountains.  When they left after about fifteen minutes, they took off flying southwest and landed in trees across the street on the edge of the woods.


  1. Was the wind blowing from the east?

    1. It is possible! Do birds face into the wind? I know the cows in the field near us often all face the same way, maybe for the same reason.