Thursday, November 12, 2015

For Payne's Grey Fans: Five Different Payne's Greys

It's pretty obvious that my favorite color of paint is Payne's Grey, the color that I used to paint my Danskos last night, drawings 5877 and 5878.  I have had a love relationship with this yummy color for so many years, probably since the late 70s.  Tonight I sat down to draw whatever happened to be in front of me, and that turned out to be two tubes and two cakes and a blob of Payne's Grey.  I don't know how well this shows up on your screen, but there are distinct differences among the four different brands (including two different manufacturing batches of one of the brands).  Drawing 5879 is of the blob of Rembrandt's version;  5880 is a tube of the pale version from Van Gogh brand;  Windsor Newton Cotman's 5881 is a tube of the Windsor Newton Cotman brand, less greenish than Rembrandt's and more toward charcoal, but more intense and more heavily pigmented than the Van Gogh;  my favorite , 5882, is a cake of Zecchi of Firenze's luminous greenish bluish deep and densely pigmented most recent version;  oddly enough, the older version of Zecchi's, shown in drawing 5883, is tinted more toward charcoal with none of the almost iridescent greenish overtones.  This is starting to sound like a discussion of wines or balsamic vinegars.

Payne's Grey is a hue, or mix, and not a pure pigment;  hence differences between different brands are to be somewhat expected.  But I was surprised at the marked differences among the five versions I have out on my drawing table right now.


  1. hmmm, this is cool. i had no idea there would be so much difference. love especially the fourth one.

  2. velma likes the zecchi, too!

    : )