Monday, November 23, 2015

Moonset and Chickens in the Cold Wind

At 3:30 this morning the enormous moon shining in our window woke us up by.  It was setting in the perfect place in the sky for its beams to stream through the opening between the window sill and the blind and land across our bed.  I reached over and yanked up the blind, and we were able to lie back and watch the show in complete comfort.  The moon sank behind the mountain top and illuminated tree trunks and branches that actually grow in the woods across the street, but from our angle it looked like they were on the mountain top.  I painted this from memory with references to the tree tops this afternoon.

Today was windy and cold, not just cool;  I was curious to see how the chickens were dealing with the icy blasts.  Those giant Jersey blacks were so fluffed up that they looked like turkeys.  Their feathers were dancing in the wind.  Other than that, it was business as usual in the chicken yard.


  1. You remind me. Must draw Ian's new chickens -- finally laying lovely blue eggs.

    1. Get going on that, You! Wish you were here so we could draw together like we used to. I always think of seeing a great horned owl down near the river on Tony's property while we were walking in dark December, not long after you got here!