Saturday, November 21, 2015

Persimmon, Dissected and Seedless

Some of you might remember the useless quest to find a persimmon with seeds, which I was on last year at this time.  Well I am a slow learner.  The other day I saw a pile of smallish persimmons at Whole Foods.  They looked like the seedless ones, but the sign said they were organic free range cruelty-free non-GMO cage-free persimmons, so that sounded like they would have seeds, right?  Well, no.  Apparently persimmons reproduce by pathogenesis or something these days.  They're still that wonderful happy color, and they still have an interesting pattern where the missing seeds should be.    
But they don't have seeds-- at least not the ones in our grocery stores-- and no amount of dissection will turn up even an undeveloped infertile seed.

The stapler was on the desk at BookWorks, where I was working this afternoon in between drawing sections of the persimmon.

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