Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Black Jersey Giants Getting Bigger

I thought the black Jersey giants were big a couple of weeks ago when they first arrived in the chicken yard, but now they are enormous.  The two roosters are as big as turkeys and stalk around like they own the yard.  They are already as big as the biggest of the old roosters.
This afternoon the brown hens were taking dust baths and then racing to the top of a split-open hay bale where they would peck a bit at the top hay, then race down the side to join everyone else.  The blacks are still sitting in a pile for the most part, but the black roosters are parading around.
And then there's this pretty little rooster, with his fancy black head and tail feathers draping gracefully down his white sides.  We had a fine time watching the chickens and discussing their chicken society before we headed off down the trail to the ponds.

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