Friday, May 9, 2014

Turkey-Proof Square Foot Garden

F and I took the day off from wallet and bag making yesterday to start the project of making ourselves some square foot garden boxes.  We followed the directions in the book very carefully, especially those pertaining to the soil mixture that is supposed to create the magic of these gardens.  Today I worked on turkey-proofing my box, since there is no point  in having a high-yield vegetable garden that the turkeys attack with their beaks as soon as the vegetables begin to come in. 

There were directions in the book for making a serviceable-looking removable varmint-proof box, and I bought some flexible PVC pipe to make hoops.  But then I began dreaming of a little Victorian-looking square foot garden that would not only repel turkeys and raccoons and bunnies and Jesse, but that would look good while it did so.  Drawing 2375 is of the box with two sections of old metal fencing from Tobacco Barn and some green plastic mesh draped over it.  Drawing 2376 shows what I want the finished garden to look like, with stitching made with my pretty colored jute twine to hold the sections together, and a side flap that is held down by a couple of loops latched with a bent piece of wire.

One of the most satisfying parts of the project was finding the nice peeling metal fence section that I needed at TB and then actually fitting it into my Smart. 

On the left are a few drawings made while walking with my friend along the expanded River Trail earlier this afternoon.  We sat up on a high rock overlook by the river and drew these delicate seed heads at about actual size.  We had no idea what they were.  I also drew some blue-eyed grass that I found along the trail.

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