Thursday, May 1, 2014

Busy Day, Few Drawings

I feel like I've been home spinning my wheels for weeks, but we really just got home 46 hours ago.  Today's drawings are a mixed bag for sure, but they do represent nice moments of a day stuffed with technology and filling out paperwork to retrieve lost things.  First thing this morning I went to a soothing yin yoga class, and while we were doing a walking meditation, I glanced out of the front glass wall of the studio from a vantage point I have never been at before.  I saw below me in the little playground a cast cement dragon/dinosaur/lizard creature that had a bench built into its back and whose tail stretched out to form a wall!  I couldn't draw it on the spot, us being in the middle of step-breathe-slide-breathe-step etc, but I memorized it and drew it later at home.

Later when I was driving home I was in a short line of traffic that was stopped for a pair of wild turkeys and their three little chicks.  We all love to hate the turkeys, destructive of gardens as they are, but even the turkeys have cute babies, and we always stop our cars for them as they waddle across streets like they own them.

P cooked dinner tonight, his take on some of the Catalan dishes we've been enjoying for the past two weeks.  He made chorizo with wilted spinach and pine nuts, cranberries, patatas frites (only his patatas were roasted), and a tomato thrown in for good measure.

And today I picked up my iPhone.  Here it is humming on the tabletop, inscrutable with its absence of the back arrow with which I am familiar from my old android and its silky sliding unlocking process and its totally different everything.  And mainly with its complete absence of a contacts list.  I have been hours at this stupid computer with the phone in one hand adding phone numbers as people send them to me.  The android was not exactly synching seamlessly with my macbook.  grrrrrrrr.


  1. Sorry you're still having problems, but you managed some great sketches!

  2. lordy, i spent 10 hours + in the car to-ing and fro-ing the big city far away in order to get this nice new expensive computer.