Friday, May 16, 2014

The Compleat Jesse Roll

 All my drawings today were done with a knife and two gouges from a set of linocut tools.  I've finally finished carving the set of seven rubber stamps of Jesse doing his tension-relieving driveway roll.

These are very rough proofs printed quickly on scraps of paper, as you can see.  In this first print Jesse crouches, every muscle tense.

This is drawing 2416.
 I carved this second block a few weeks ago so I'm not counting this one again in the 10,000.  This is Jesse beginning his roll by stretching out of his crouch.
 He goes into a full roll onto his back.
Drawing 2417.

He rolls back and forth, taking his time.  This is drawing 2418.  The block is complete but the print went off the paper in that one spot near his tail.
Drawing 2419

Drawing 2420

Finishing up.

A smoothed-out cat!

Drawing 2421.

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  1. I know how hard it can be to draw a cat in motion. Your renderings are spot on. They translate very well into stamps.