Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday Afternoon

Our friends B and L live in a house that they built for themselves in the 70s.  When you build your own house with your own hands you get to have all the spaces that you can imagine.  One of my favorite spaces in their house is the downstairs bed corner.  Today we were spending the afternoon with them, and after working together in L's studio for a few hours, we walked through the woods to their house, where we found B stretched out on the living room bed.  That bed corner is exactly what I wish we had!  I love that the windows on two sides come down to the level of the mattress, and that at the foot of the bed is a built-in bookshelf with space above it for a collection of interesting objects.

We drove down the mountain back to Asheville and went to our favorite Thai place.  While waiting for my wonton soup (on the right) to cool,  I drew faces of people who walked past the restaurant.  We were sitting at a table situated like B and L's bed corner-- surrounded by windows but cozily inside-- perfect for speedy sketching of people in action as well as the slowly cooling soup.


  1. That bed looks like a cozy nook for dreaming.

  2. I love the bed nook with a view! I'd never want to get up!! I'd be like a little pack rat in a nest! Of course i might need a little bell so I could ring to have pots of tea delivered! :)))))

  3. Mmmmm- love it, too! My friend is so lucky in that her partner is very sweet about fetching tea!