Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Treasures in the Mail

When I was a child I had a treasure box given to me by my great aunt Della.  In it I kept gumball machine charms as well as select Mardi Gras throws and a few choice pieces of broken jewelry that I had found.  I also had two tiny baby lipsticks, Avon samples given to me in secret by my fun grandma, who was an Avon lady. 

Last week Nate, age 4 3/4,  sent me a painting that he did using the fingertip brushes that I sent him from Barcelona.  In return I'm sending him some treasures for his already extensive collection:  a Genuine starfish (dried) from A.C.Moore, the tag of which assured me  that "This is not a toy.  Not for children under 7.  May contain sharp pieces that could be ingested."  I'm also sending him a package of 10mm Adhesive Rhinestone Alphabet Letters, blood red and very sparkly. And the greatest treasure, a string of Byzantine-looking jewels that are wonderful to hold and feel and peer into the depths of. 

His little sister Abby, at 15 months, doesn't send letters or paintings, but she's having a rough time what with teething and learning how to walk and starting to talk, and just general getting-to-be-close-to-two-years-old malaise.  So I'm sending her a soft plush life-size robin and a little knitted finger puppet penguin and baby penguin-- good things to chew on I think, especially the bird with its flat velvety tail and cone-shaped plush beak and flappy velvet wings.


  1. I hope the little ones grow up to be big ones who send carefully considered packages to others, just for fun ~ everyone should have a fun person in their life.
    Makes the world a better place.
    p.s. ~ i thought those baby lipsticks were so coo! (no desire to wear it, i just liked them!) I bet if i foraged around i'd still find one tucked into a box of fun things from my shorter days... I may have to look.

  2. I adored those lipsticks, but, as you said, never to wear, just to smell and admire. My grandma had a whole closet devoted to her Avon route, and I used to stand inside it and sniff the good smells. WHat luck if you still have some!

  3. the mention of avon lipsticks transported me...and of course jewels. i always liked little things in my hands, not meant for dollhouse little things, but real little things. why would anyone want more than a little avon lipstick, anyway?