Friday, May 2, 2014

Funeral Procession for Dead Plants

P and I cleared the poor dead rosemary and lavender and heather plants from the front garden this morning.  Everybody has lost rosemary this year.   I had gone early to the herb sale at the farmers' market with Fran and gotten some replacement rosemary and lavender plants, but they were a bit hard to find as even the growers had suffered some setbacks in all the extreme cold this winter.  The bed needs to be cleared, mulched, and turned over before the new plants can go in.  After we cleared, we loaded the cart with the dead plants and took a break while I drew the astonishingly loaded garden cart.  The drawing above is of the first load.

We hauled two more loads, of which the above is the second, to the back yard fence and heaved the plants over the fence into the field.  These plants were massive!  The new babies will need a couple of years before they can begin to fill in the bed.  We think we'll move some rudbekia in there to fill in the gaps this year.

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  1. Wow! Lots of work both in the garden & in your sketchbook! Inspiring!