Sunday, May 4, 2014

Backyard Pseudo-Archaeology

Cleaning out one of the backyard beds today I found a pile of shards.  This winter had apparently been too much for the little ceramic face pot that I had placed in a bank of ivy and periwinkle a dozen years ago, and I was really sad to see this favorite piece of mine reduced to a pile of broken chunks.   I gathered them up and took them inside to clean up and make some little farewell drawings before consigning the chunks to the bottoms of plant pots.  I loved the occasional eyes, mouth, ear, and cheek that showed up even partially on the pieces.

I decided to see if I could even partially assemble the face, and sure enough, all the pieces were there!  I glued it together, but I'll keep it inside on the screened back porch from now on, maybe tuck it into one of the plant pots there, and bring it inside in the winter.  I modeled this pot after a reproduction of a Mayan piece from a museum store.  I want to make another one, this time modeled after this model.

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