Thursday, May 22, 2014

Back From the Brink

Last night I stomped around the house drawing things that looked like I felt.  The two carping crows made of cut out copper gutter material looked as self-critical as I felt ;  the little half-black head was my gloomy mood;  the nutsy two-faces-at-once with a head full of odds and ends represented multi-tasking monkey-mind me.
And for some odd reason, the corn husk woman with her goose made me think of the Einstein quote that says something like "Ignorance is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome."  I was so dumpy that I blew off posting and went to bed.  I decided posting everyday is a good example of my driven self hard at work and I was done with it.

Then today I felt much better.  I was waiting in line for a coco kale smoothie this morning, and I could not resist sketching quickly the smoothie maker's glorious fuschia dreads under her work kerchief with a slogan button on it.  Later at the acupuncture clinic I drew a lazily swimming lemon colored fish.  Two Jesse drawings round out the fun drawings for today.  He was taking the cool evening air on the windowsill of our bedroom after sunset.
(Before French Conversation group this afternoon  I told J I was thinking of posting every other day, and he said that is a BAD idea.  If I start posting every other day, soon it will be every two days, etc.  I think he's right, so I am back from the brink.)

F and I worked hard today doing some R & D, which we really enjoy, as we tried to redesign a small bag that we make so that it fits phones in their bigger cases.  My attempt was a complete failure, so I drew my failed bag and annotated it. I was trying to gain some flexibility in the bag by sewing it on the inside and turning it inside out.  Not possible with a lining, which we really like.  F's bag is good, but perhaps could be a slight bit wider.  So, two working drawings, and that's it for today.


  1. Don't get burned out or start resenting your blog -- I'd rather read posts less often than not at all. (I am also a recovering type A driven person.)

  2. Aw, sweetie! Be gentle with yourself! We enjoy it when you are happy! (Even tho' it was fun to see your moody post!) ♥